Working for Peace

With so much information around the internet about earpiece’s it’s hard to discover the best and largely candid information. here is an article from a good website that i believe as true, do not quote me on it but please read and enjoy

earpieceAs Einstein once said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness which created it.”
There can be no question that the words we choose and the metaphors we use reinforce our state of consciousness – our view of the world.
If we choose to use war as a metaphor for business, we see others in the business world as not merely “competition”, but actually “combatants”. When we talk about “beating the competition”, we reinforce the view of business as a zero-sum game, in which in order for there to be “winners”, there have to also be “losers”.

We spend more of our waking hours working than engaged in any other activity. Some of us even spend the majority of our waking hours working. If we want to change the world in a significant way, we must do so in the course of our work.
Do you want to create more peace in the world? I know I do.
If you want to create peace in the world, you must first create peace within yourself, your home, your community and, I believe, your business. Consider again the Einstein quote above. Consider again that we spend more of our time involved in business than anything else.

How can one possibly spend all day long dealing in a business world of winners and losers, of beating the competition, and so on, and then expect at the end of the day to truly help create peace in the world?
Is it any wonder our current political leaders don’t seem to really understand how to create peace through any other means than superior firepower, or at least the threat of it? Consider their training ground.
So long as we continue to use military paradigms in business, we will continue to operate at that level of consciousness in all of our relationships – personal, community and international. Until we change that, we will continue to breed world leaders who are driven by nationalistic and ideological pride, rather than human compassion and a desire for mutual understanding.

I find it positively repulsive that businesspeople use the thinking of Sun Tzu and Machiavelli as guides to business. If I could accomplish one thing in my life to truly change the world, it would be to replace every copy of The Art of War on business bookshelves with The Art of Peace and The Prince with The Little Prince.

If we want peace in the world, we must work for it, every minute of every day, in everything we do.

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Plantronics introduces the Voyager Edge headset & BackBeat Fit sports earphone

Plantronics introduces the Voyager Edge headset & BackBeat Fit sports earphone
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Plantronics announced the Voyager Edge a compact Bluetooth earpiece and the BackBeat FIT, a pair of sports dedicated earphones at MWC this year.

Built with a rather simple, and stylish look, the Voyager Edge should provide accurate communication in any environment due to its proprietary noise- and wind-cancellation. The headset is bundled with a slew of features like voice commands and Smart Sensors, allowing wearers to answer calls hands-free with a word or as they place the headset on their ear, with Voyager Edge announcing the name of incoming callers. Voyager Edge will be available worldwide starting in April.

Plantronics Voyager

The headset also features responsive sensors that direct calls to your phone or headset, pause music for incoming calls, and automatically answer calls as you place the headset on your ear. It also allows wearers to use their voice to answer or ignore calls, check battery level, connection status, and more. And Voyager Edge announces the incoming callers name no need to look at the phone to check who is calling.

Plantronics Voyager headset

The Voyager Edge charges via microUSB, the Voyager Edge headset provides up to six hours of talk time, or up to 16 hours with the portable charging case.

The second model showcased at MWC is a pair of Bluetooth headphones designed for more of an active lifestyle, the Backbeat FIT. This lightweight, sweat- and weather-proof earphones provide stereo audio without chords.

Plantronics BeatFit

The headset is built to offer certain safety features for people exercising at night. The Fit can provide consumers with bright colours via unique reflective materials on the headband and armband carrying case to increase visibility. The ear tip has been specially designed to allow exercisers to hear environmental sounds, so they are still connected to potential hazards around them.

Matching the headphones theres also a small armband/carrying case for the smartphone while in use, or a pouch for the earbuds when theyre not in use.

Plantronics BeatFit earphones

The BackBeat FIT packs power for a weeks worth of workouts up to 8 hours of listening time. Plus, it offers DeepSleep, a hibernation mode, which keeps the headphones charged and ready to use for up to six months.

The Backbeat FIT and Voyager Edge will be available in Europe, North America, and carriers across the world starting this April. The price-point for both the Voyager Edge with Portable Charging Case and the BackBeat Fit will be 129 / 109.