The newest technological advance to hit the wireless Bluetooth headset market

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Wireless Bluetooth headsets aren’t just the latest popular accessory for your cell phone, hands-free use of a cell phone is becoming the law in many states. The good news is that thanks to these new regulations, most cell phones are now being manufactured with Bluetooth technology built in.

Bluetooth may seem like futuristic technology but it is actually the transmission of radio waves between devices. This means that a Bluetooth-enabled phone can work with a wireless Bluetooth-enabled headset. Wireless Bluetooth headsets come in a wide variety of styles, features and performance options and all headsets are not the same.

All wireless Bluetooth headsets have the same base features like volume control, redial and so forth. Beyond that are features that determine the cost of a headset including sound quality, noise cancellation and voice control. Newer versions of Bluetooth technology also offer better security when using wireless technology, to protect your privacy. Keep in mind that there are several versions of Bluetooth technology and in order for a Bluetooth enabled headset to work with a specific cell phone, they must both be using the same version.

Beyond the technological aspect of Bluetooth headsets is the design. Wireless Bluetooth headsets come in two main varieties: with a boom microphone and without. The boom is the extension from the headset that brings the microphone closer to your ear. Headsets with boom mikes are naturally a bit larger than those that sit closer to the ear but there’s little difference in quality and it’s more a matter of preference. Ear microphones and booms are where the style goes wild and you can choose from hundreds of different colors, shapes and sizes to fit your personal taste.

The newest technological advance to hit the wireless Bluetooth headset market is the addition of digital readouts built into the earpiece. This is an extension of the information you’d have to pull your phone out for and includes caller ID and voicemail notification. In addition, some headsets now offer neck pieces that are also Bluetooth enabled and provide vibration notification of incoming calls.

Wireless Bluetooth headsets are just a sample of the kinds of uses for this amazing wireless technology. You can link up to seven Bluetooth devices to each other at a time, making it easy for you to synchronize your digital life. Many automobiles are now being manufactured with built-in Bluetooth technology, so you can take to the road and stay connected.

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Bluetooth Headphones Review: Sony DRBT50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

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Many people often whine that bluetooth headphones are pricier than their features deserve. But, those who have tried the Sony DRBT50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset hardly have any reason to whine. The price, not really sky-high, is worth every cent.

The Sony DRBT50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset belongs to the circumaural-closed type of bluetooth headphones. This technical term simply means that the headphones’ earcups will enclose your ears, as in earmuffs. It is also a headband type of headset, which essentially means that it will hang over your head to keep it in place. Being circumaural, the design of the Sony DRBT50 is intended to supply passive noise reduction, and the unit does it superbly, too.

Despite enclosing your ears, the headset’s cups will hardly cause discomfort or fatigue, even if you use the bluetooth headphones up to its maximum of 17 hours (approximately) play or talk time. The reason for this convenience is the well-designed and durable cushioning on both the earcups and the headband.

Unlike most other bluetooth headsets, the Sony DRBT50 offers true multipoint capability. That means your bluetooth headset is not limited to 2-device or 3-device simultaneous pairing. Instead, pair it with up to 8 other gadgets. With easy and accessible touch-sense function buttons on the headset, those devices are easy to operate and control. Though, the buttons can be somewhat confusing to a new user, they become almost second nature once you become familiar of their respective functions.

As for the sound, the Sony DRBT50 produces crisp and clear sound along with deep bass. Audio quality is one of the things you’re paying for, so the Sony DRBT50 won’t skimp on that. Nothing less than top-quality neodymium magnets are used in the earcups. The microphone, on the other hand, produces a sound quality that is acceptable and more than enough for making voice calls.

One of the distinctive highlights of this model is its replaceable battery. Not many bluetooth earphones have this. If they do, it probably won’t be as well-documented in their user manuals as in the Sony DRBT50’s. Apart from that, this model’s battery power can take you through about 17 hours of non-stop use. If you use this device for work, you should be able to end your work day and still have enough power to use your device for a few more hours.

The Sony DRBT50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset indeed showcases a lot of wonderful features despite its ordinary-looking appearance. After all, bluetooth headphones are not judged only by their exterior looks but also, and more importantly, by their sound quality and convenience to the user.

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