Review: Life Blue Tube Air Radiation-Free Stereo Headset

Can not get over how economical the radio earpiece is, a tremendous deal for any top-end product!

headphonesOver the past several years, cell phones have grown to the point where they have become a very important part of our society. According to International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry, CTIA, the percentage of population within the United States which were subscribed to a wireless connection as of June 2010 was a staggering 93%. And if you think about, this does make sense. There are cellular devices available within all price ranges and on a variety of networks which offer various plans depending on the usage required for each person. As a result, it is easy for any person to find the perfect device for them. The largest reason as to why cellular phones have been able to become so important for our society has to be due to how effective a way they are for us to keep in touch with the world surrounding us. It is pretty much essential to have a cell phone in the case of any emergency and it is probably the easiest way, for most people, to reach any family member, friend, co-worker or acquaintance at any time in which they need to. And the capabilities of cell phones has also been growing over the past few years. It is almost getting to the point where having a cell phone is like having a tiny computer in your pocket. There are many cell phones today which are able to connect to the internet wherever network coverage is existent and there are many cell phones which have advanced capabilities such as surfing the web, sending/receiving e-mails/instant messages, GPS navigation, editing documents, viewing attachments, playing games along with the ability to send and receive phone calls and text/picture messages. There are even many phones which include cameras to give you the chance to capture any moment whether it be through picture or video. Many people can agree that cell phones are able to help make our world seem smaller.

While a high majority of people require the use of cellular devices, there are many are not aware of potential long term health risks that can arise from them. Over the past several years, networks have been transmitting signals over high radio frequencies. As a consequence, our heads are closely exposed to radiation. And while there is a proven link between radiation and cancer, the link between cancer and cellular phones has yet to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. This is mainly due to the fact that few years in which cellular devices have been transmitting these signals over high radio frequencies is not a large enough period to determine how existent and how serious the risk is. For example, people who start smoking cigarettes and smoke on a regular basis, if they get cancer, usually do not get it until 20-40 years down the line.

These health risks should be enough concern for anybody to look into smarter ways to communicate through mobile devices. There are many experts who recommend using a headset yet they do neglect the fact that for most headsets, the radiation is transmitted through the wire and a percentage of it is transmitted directly inside of the ear, very close to the brain. And Bluetooth headsets do not solve this issue as they too transmit signal through high radio frequencies. This should be troubling since there are so many people within our society who use a cellular device (with our without a headset) including young children.

Up until now, we have yet to see a viable solution which completely eliminates the risk of cancer from the radiation transmitted through cellular phones. Life Blue has created a highly innovative product which can save you and your family from this hazard which can be posed by this vital technology. And as a result, can allow you to continue utilizing cellular phones without having to worry about this major threat. It is a headset which features a design that utilizes a hollow tube similar to a stethoscope to eliminate the possibility of radiation reaching your head. This tube also acts as a special sound pressure chamber to enhance the sound and deliver crystal clear sound quality.

I was recently able to get my hands on one of these amazing headsets to test it out. I came away with a very positive impression by the overall quality of this headset. The first thing which really surprised me, in a good way, was the quality of the sound. Given that it sends sound through a tube and is different from the design of any other headset on the market, I did not know what to expect in terms of sound quality. And, I must say that it sounded similar to the expensive Bluetooth headset that I use on a daily basis. While, I rarely ever use corded headsets, this particular one stuck me as very practical. It features a tangle free expansion cord that can be adjusted to the perfect length so that there is no messy wire hanging out from me. This particular headset is also a stereo headset meaning that it can be placed into both ears. I have found it to be perfect for use with both cellular phones as well as MP3 players. Also, this headset includes two jacks, one 2.5mm and one 3.5mm. And can therefore work with most mobile phones and MP3 players including devices by Apple, RIM, HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and more. It is made up of a durable plastic and in terms of build quality, seems like it can rival many more expensive headsets. While I had never given much thought to these health risks of mobile phones up until recently, the research I have done has helped me see that the smartest thing I can possibly do is to protect myself in whichever I can. After being able to test this headset. I have little doubt that the most intelligent thing I can possibly do would be to carry one wherever I go and use it whenever I possibly can. So I had to purchase one for myself and highly recommend that you check it out as well.


JBL Synchros S100a

earpieceJBL Synchros S100a
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It’s hard for earphones to stand out in the $100 price range, but the JBL S100 does a laudable job and should grab the attention of any big bass fan seeking affordable in-canal earphones. At $99.95 (direct), the sensibly priced S100 doesn’t distort on deep bass tracks and brings some serious low frequency thunder to the mix. JBL offers two S100 optionsthe S100i (with a remote optimized for iOS devices) and the S100a (with a remote optimized for Android devices). Both models are $99.95. The S100 won’t appeal to purists, but bass lovers seeking subwoofer-like lows with (some) balance in the high-mids and highs should read on.

Visually, there’s not much about the S100$99.99 at Best Buy that will knock your socks off. It’s only offered in white or black for both the Android and iOS versions, and the earpieces are simple and nondescript, with just the JBL logo to catch your eye. Each earpiece connects to a flat cord, with the inline remote control and mic just below chin level along the left ear’s cable.

There aren’t too many accessories, but each inclusion is sensible and useful. The S100 comes with three silicone eartip pairs in different sizes, one Comply foam eartip pair, a shirt clip, and a zip-up protective pouch. The Comply eartips will offer the most stable fit, but the silicone eartips are also comfortable and secure; they just block out less ambient noise than the Comply eartips do.

On tracks with powerful sub-bass content, like the Knife’s “Silent Shout,” the S100 delivers some serious low-end rumble without distorting even at top (and unsafe) listening levels. At more moderate volumes, the S100 still brings more booming low end than a flat response pair would, but not so much that it’s unlistenable or woefully off-balance. Bass lovers will enjoy the S100 because it brings serious rumble, but doesn’t completely ignore the high-mids and highs necessary to keep the sound from getting muddy.

JBL S100a inlineThat said, if balance is your top priority, you’ll probably find the S100 is weighted a bit too much in favor of the lows. On Bill Callahan’s “Drover,” his baritone vocals get a lot more added richness than they probably need. There’s still plenty of treble edge there to keep a sense of clarity, providing his vocals with a decent high-mid presence and allowing the guitar strums not to get lost, but the mix seems a bit too weighted towards the lows for anyone seeking an accurate listening experience.

On Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild,” the big bass is on full display. The deep bass synth hits on this track are delivered with subwoofer-like gusto. The attack of the kick drum loop could use more definition in the high-mids to help it slice through the mix, however, and even though it’s never a problem to hear the various vocals on this track over the dense mix, a bit more high-mid and high presence would have balanced out the ominous bass presence.

Classical tracks, like John Adams’ “The Chairman Dances,” actually sound pretty exciting through the S100. It’s not a sound purists will gravitate towards, but the higher register strings hold their own in the mix quite wellpartially because classical recordings naturally favor the mids and the highs and often lack much in the way of low-end thunder. Here, however, the S100 adds some power to the lower register strings and percussion. The balance is more favorable here than on pop tracks that already have plenty of low-end to work with, and it’s a sound that many listeners will enjoy.

If you prefer more balance in your earphones, you have plenty of options in this general price range. Consider the TDK EB95022.49 at Amazon or the Jay t-Jays Three. If you want to spend less money but still want booming low-end in your mix, the SOL Republic Relays$79.99 at Verizon Wireless are a solid option, and the RHA MA15010.95 at Amazon is a truly inexpensive, decent-sounding pair. For $100, however, the JBL S100 offers a bass lover’s mix that doesn’t overpower, and a thoughtful array of accessories. This price range has several winners, but for lovers of deep low-end, the JBL S100 is an option worth considering.